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Pneumatic System

What is a pneumatic system

A pneumatic system is a system that uses compressed air to transmit power. Usually, a centrally located compressor provides power to cylinders, rotary actuators, and other pneumatic devices through a system of tanks, pipes and valves. The compressor sucks in air from the atmosphere, reduces its volume by compression (increasing its pressure) and then stores it in a high-pressure tank. This compressed air can then be released to do work by acting on a piston (in a cylinder) or vane (rotary actuator/pneumatic motor).

What are the benefits of a pneumatic system

  • Speed & power
  • Convenience
  • Safety
  • Maintenance
  • Noise

What Are Pneumatics and Applications

Pneumatic systems use gas or pressurized air to move cylinders, motors or other mechanical parts. Pneumatics applications are relevant to a wide variety of industries, including construction, healthcare, mining, the automotive industry and many others. Specific pneumatic applications can include:

  • Transportation:Air brakes for trains or buses, air engines and compressed air-powered vehicles
  • Healthcare:Dental drills, vacuum pumps and pressure regulators
  • Construction:Pneumatic jackhammers and nail guns
  • Home Systems:Heating and air conditioning control
  • Music:Pipe organs, player pianos

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