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HVAC Duct Services

HVAC refers to the equipment, distribution system, and controls that provide heating, ventilation, and air conditioning for buildings. HVAC systems are the main energy consumers in commercial, industrial & residential buildings. They account for approximately half of all the energy used in buildings. In addition to the energy costs, HVAC systems impact building occupants´ health, comfort, and productivity. Improving HVAC performance saves energy and promotes a healthier, more comfortable workplace.

Madhu Electricals has set up a strong team across India to offer complete HVAC solutions like :

  • Central Chilled water Plant systems.
  • DX System / VRV systems.
  • Primary / secondary pumping system.
  • Thermal storage system.
  • Hot water generator, Solar heater and related low side work.
  • Ventilation system and evaporative cooling systems, roof extractors and jet fan systems.
  • Clean room technology for micro electronics, micro mechanics and pharma.

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